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George Michael goes to prison

15 September 2010 ~ 12:32

The national newspapers here in the UK are great at coming up with witty headlines for their stories. Following pop star George Michael’s jail term for crashing his car into a branch of Snappy Snaps while under the influence of drugs (he got 8 weeks and will serve 4 weeks), the papers had a field day thinking of funny things to say.

It was not the Wham! star’s first brush with the law. He had been convicted of dangerous driving under the influence before in the UK, while in the US he was famously busted by police while trawling for sex in an LA men’s public toilet, which is what led to him coming out as gay.

The Metro’s front page exclaimed ‘Whammer in the Slammer!’ and The Sun proclaimed ‘Lock Me Up Before You Go Go,’ (a reference to the Wham hit single Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.’

A funny editorial cartoon in The Metro featured a judge looking at a piece of paper about Michael and saying ‘His eyes lit up when I mentioned the possibility of community service cleaning public toilets.’

George Michael’s most famous hit was Careless Whisper but I can safely say that this is more a case of careless driving!

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