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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

In time of need, Japanese haven't forgotten pets

20 March 2011 ~ 17:53

The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan is the biggest natural disaster I can think of in my lifetime. The devastation wrought in numerous cities is almost unbelievable. Not only do the Japanese have destruction and death from the earthquake to cope with, but they're now facing nuclear disaster due to the damage at several nuclear power plants. Snow and blizzard-like conditions add to the chaos as entire communities continue camping out in community centres and makeshift shelters, while children search for their missing parents.

I was reading in the paper about people who live near the reactors being checked for radiation, with pictures of this happening being shown. What struck me as really sweet was a photograph of a girl holding up her pet dog, who was also being scanned. I thought it was hugely commendable that in a time of monumental crisis, pets were being cared for too and not forgotten. For sure, God forbid, if Mark & I were faced with such disaster, our first thought would be to rescue the girls.

I hope the country's people and animals can overcome this tragedy and get back to normality as soon as possible.

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