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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

In praise of Mum

17 July 2007 ~ 23:05

OK so Mothering Sunday has come and gone (actually did you know it is March in the UK, May in the US and June in France)! But someone recently asked the question 'What does Mom do best?' on a forum I belong to. It made me think how great my mum is so here's the list I posted of what my mum does for me:

Makes great vegetarian dishes.

Listens to my moaning.

Gives great advice.

Comes on holidays with me when hubby can't get time off.

Is my best shopping companion.

Has a good laugh with me.

Bails me out when I need financial help (she has lent hubby & I the money for our new bathroom).

Has large parcels delivered to her address for me.

Does chores for me when she stays with us like pick stuff up at the sorting office.

Does mending and alterations to my clothes.

Babysits my pets.

Loves our pet rats as her grandchildren. Gets them cards and presents.

Still gives me money for my birthday and Xmas as well as buying prsents from the girls on their behalf (they tell her what to get )

Gets on grrreat with my hubby, she loves him.

Comes with me to medical appointments if I ask (like when I had my wisdom teeth out under general anaesthetic).

Comes on daytrips with me if hubby has to sleep (he works nights).

Here's a pic of Jo, my mum. I think she looks great too nd she inspires me to carry on making an effort to look nice as I get older:

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